Part 6 – Swing Is The Thing

Highlights of Days 52-77 The intensity of my private classes has stepped and I began learning things like building 4 sets of 8, concentrating on musicality and consistently dancing with my pants on. I Iearned many new moves including– Texas Tommy, Pop Jump, , Mambo Steps, Sugar Push, J Turn, Throw Your Follow Across The… Continue reading Part 6 – Swing Is The Thing

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Part 5 -The Swing Cycle

Day 38 – Christmas Day By mid afternoon the temperature had reached the mid 30’s so when Benny Goodman suggested we roll out the ‘Slip ‘N Slide’ there were plenty of takers. Tommy Dorsey braved the bindies to attach the hose while Buddy Johnson and his orchestra unravelled the length of plastic on the slope… Continue reading Part 5 -The Swing Cycle


Part 4 – ‘Swing A Ding Ding’

Day 36 There are certain sentences I never thought would leave my lips … ‘We should have Cardinal Pell over for dinner’ … ‘Nothing makes me happier than seeing my Liberal Party campaign donations debited from my account’ and … ‘Sorry I can’t make it, I’ve got my Private Swing Dance Teacher coming over for… Continue reading Part 4 – ‘Swing A Ding Ding’


Part 2 – The Pendulum Swings

Day 8 I was on a gently sloping hill carpeted in wildflowers that wafted their various hues gently in the breeze. Caught up in the moment I danced. I danced like no-one was watching. The flora and fauna cheered me on … ‘Go Damo. You can do it!’ said a snapdragon. ‘Forget about the ‘Shag’ workshop!’… Continue reading Part 2 – The Pendulum Swings


Part 1 – The Swing Offensive Begins

My free ’10 Lesson Swing Patrol Dance Card’ arrived in the mail courtesy of the incredibly helpful Claudia Funder, so I got on their website and made up a spreadsheet of lessons in various locations across Melbourne. Here’s their website if you want Follow My Lead http://www.swingpatrol.com.au The Swing Offensive is under way … Day… Continue reading Part 1 – The Swing Offensive Begins